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If Only I Were an Indian
Documentary by John Paskievich-1995
Follows three aboriginal elders from Manitoba on a voyage to the Czech Republic as they relive their past through the native rituals and costumes adopted by their European admirers.

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(interestingly controversial...)

Playing Indian
Book by Philip Joseph Deloria - Yale University Press, 1998
Moving from the Boston Tea Party to the present, this provocative book explores the ways non-Indian Americans have acted out their fantasies about Indians in order to experience national, modern, and personal identities. In this complicated tug-of-war between imaginings and actions, Indian people have been embraced and rejected, frequently humiliated and occasionally empowered. The historical anxieties revealed by Playing Indian continue to haunt Americans -- both Indian and non-Indian -- to this day.
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The Indian Hobbyist Movement in Europe.
The term “Indian hobbyism” describes a wide range of nonprofessional interests in North  American Indian culture.
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(Note:  This book mentions "Grey Owl" /

Crafting "the Indian": Knowledge, Desire and Play in Indianist reenactment
Thesis of Petra Tjitske Kalshoven – University of Manchester- 2012
In Europe, Indian hobbyism, or Indianism, has developed out of a strong fascination with Native American life in the 18th and 19thcenturies.

Les Nouveaux Indiens: Une Ethnographie Du Mouvement Indianophile
Book by Olivier Maligne – 2006
A travers l'exploration du monde méconnu de l'indianophilie, ce livre propose une réflexion sur les formes contemporaines de la culture et de l'identité.

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