film title englishA documentary film by Sylvie Jacquemin

Lorin Hart , singer (California) 

LorinHartLorin Hart is a folk/blues/country/pop singer and songwriter. She sings regularly in the club scene and coffeehouse circuit of Los Angeles.

I have known Lorin for over 20 years, since I was a film student at Art Center of Design in Pasadena, and I’ve wanted to make a documentary-portrait  on Lorin for years.  
Finally, we started filming it in summer 2011 and will pursue it this year.

A lot of the music from her 1997 CD album Breathe is featured in my documentary A RED APPLE INSIDE OUT.

A few of her songs are on INDIANS LIKE US, and on one of the bonus features on the DVD.
You can listen to Lorin’s songs and purchase them here:
More on Lorin HART here:  Lorin Hart’s infos on

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