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  • Indianist and Westerners camps and festivals favorites of SAVY WESTERN:

Recogne's INDIAN FESTIVAL (Recogne, Belgium)

yearly festival each mid July, in Recogne, Belgium.
2013 flyer :
a video about the 2011 Indian Festival ( duration 6'20" in french) : 9th INDIAN FESTIVAL 

Steinbourg's FESTIVAL DU POWWOW (Steinbourg, France)

yearly festival, first weekend of August, organised by the association “Plains Indians" :
"Plains Indians" association official website :

See an excerpt here:

French TV video report (duration 1'30") : Festival du Powwow 2013 © France 3 Alsace

Bain-de-Bretagne's WEST COUNTRY FESTIVAL (Bain-de-Bretagne, France)

yearly festival each mid August, in Bain-de-Bretagne, France :
Photo Galleries here :

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