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Festival Plumes et Images amérindiennes (France & Switzerland)

The Festival "Feathers and Native American Images" is a Book and Film Festival organised by the FourWinds association in France (Gap) and Swizerland (Sainte-Croix). It features movies by Native Americans and Documentaries about Native Americans.!__our-association/festival-2011

Ciné Alter'Natif Film Festival (France)

The Festival Ciné Alter'Natif, an original and unique event, enables the French public to discover films by Native Americans, allowing them to better share their diverse forms of artistic expression, their worldview, and to better share their message.
Sophie Gergaud and Cécile Vaillant, organizers of the festival, are also the founding members of De la Plume à l'Ecran, which was created in 2008 in order to fight stereotypes about Indigenous people, in films and in the media. The aim is to work on the power of images through photography and cinema, in an historical and synchronic way.


LAKOTA LAND is a 2009 documentary by  Sophie Gergaud and Edith Patrouilleau. The Lakotas are trying to put aside a century of colonisation and to build a new future. A vast movement to get the land back, and new projects are born in all respect of their culture and their environment.

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