film title englishA documentary film by Sylvie Jacquemin

Sylvie Demaine, editor

Sylvie Demaine has  a long editing experience, having worked on   documentaries and short programs for French television for almost 20 years.   In that time, she has edited news reports, dramas, historical narratives, as well as films dealing with exploration and discovery, adventure and cultural topics including several artists portraits.   
She collaborated to famous shows such as  Arte reportage, Thalassa, Faut pas rêver, Strip Tease.
In addition, Demaine participated in  dozens  of corporate films, for both  internal and external use. Once having mastered a wealth of technical details, she honed the delicate craft using her cutting expertise to advance story-telling.     
Demaine first collaborated on Sylvie Jacquemin’s self-produced documentary A RED APPLE INSIDE OUT,  which led to a long-lasting partnership as an editor, researcher and co-writer. A RED APPLE INSIDE OUT  examined various questions about the expression of Native Identity in modern North America
INDIANS LIKE US, a small-budget road movie, was the fruit of Demaine’s close collaboration with Sylvie Jacquemin and Sylvie Gautier, of Camera Lucida Productions,   who  produced the film.

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